Lori Paradis

Lori Paradis

Founder - Music City Fashion Design


Lori Paradis founded Music City Fashion Design in 2019 in order to help budding fashion visionaries to realize their ultimate goals and bring their designs to life.

After building a successful career in the fashion industry (working with major brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger) Lori wanted to start fresh with a new approach!

Based in Nashville, TN – Music City Fashion Design is a breath of fresh air to new and budding designers who are just looking for a bit of guidence (and help!) getting started.

What are the Top Ten Items?

This list is meant to be an overview of the essential questions you need to ask before launching a new fashion brand. These are key! If you don’t feel comfortable with these initial questions it may be a sign you need to do more research prior to launching. Or you could find an agency like Music City Fashion Design to help you get started!

Does this cost anything?

No! This is a FREE checklist to help you get started 🙂

Do you have next steps?

Absolutely! If you feel confident in answering these top ten questions our firm would love to help you get started on your fashion design journey! We’re unlike some of the other major firms you’ll find in NYC or LA. We take our time to go through each individual’s goals and ideas to see if we’re a good fit.