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White Space Research

Competitive research is imperative for finding a firm ground for your brand. Doing research for your target market before heading into sketches and designs can help you navigate the current climate and cater your designs to the white space opportunities other brands have neglected.



Flat Sketches & Mood Boards

Construction stitching and trims will be rendered and you will get a visual of your collection.

Mood boards are key to a great presentation. If you are planning on meeting with investors or buyers, we would highly recommend adding mood boards to your presentation to show trend alongside your sketches. 

Patterns, Grading, and 3D Modeling

Patterns and grading go hand-in-hand. They tell the manufacturer the exact specifications for your garment. 3D modeling is a new feature which, if used, will cut down on prototype cost and lead time.


We can create initial patterns for your designs and export to DXF digital files and PDFs so they can be easily sent to the factory, even if overseas. We also have the capability to render your garments onto a 3D form before sending to the factory so you can see what the initial sample will look like. 


Tech Packs

Our tech packs are thorough and professionally polished so you can work with any manufacturer you’d like.

This is the most integral, important, and in-depth portion of any project. This step pivots a design concept from pictures and drawings and allows a factory to understand exactly how to make your garment. 

A tech pack includes pages such as:
​- Cover Page
– Spec Sheet
– Construction Detail Page(s)
– Artwork Page(s)
– BOM (Bill of Materials) Page(s)

Once a tech pack is complete it can be sent off to a factory for them to create samples of the design. 
This is where the meat of fashion design happens and where my experience as a designer comes to the spotlight. 

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